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31, psychology/medicine nerd
Let's be friends or coworking (creative and work work) companions.
telegram: safrazine
discord: safrazine#2186
Note: if I don't respond, please be persistent - I'm very shy and busy (in school to become psych nurse practitioner), most likely I'm interested just overwhelmed. I do like to argue (kindly) once I feel comfortable.
I love people who enjoy creative/imaginative speculation while comfortable with the possibility the ideas may be incorrect.
fyi i used to read SSC and lesswrong, but have been out of the loop since starting grad school. i'm not interested in EA (not opposed though). i don't update regularly (last update 2024/2/22). generally not interested in politics or economics.
(note: tag "amorality" refers to absence of the moral system, not a preference for actions generally thought of as morally wrong or antisocial tendency.)
(note 2: language tags refer to languages I'm learning, all very beginner level)

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