Privacy Policy


Tagmap takes user privacy seriously by keeping information sharing to a minimum. Tagmap does not use Google analytics and instead uses a locally-hosted instance of Matomo, an open source web analytics platform, which can be opted-out of below. Although private user information is not shared with third-parties, information on your profile is public by default (see next section), and interaction with our chat service is provided by a third-party company which has its own privacy policy (see Live Chat section). Tagmap does not profit off of or share private user data in any way.

Publicity of account information

By default, all information on your profile (excluding email and password) is public and can be viewed by anyone. This can be changed by visiting your settings page and changing your profile visibility setting to restricted or hidden.

It is suggested that users set their location a comfortable distance away from where they live, as this information is part of your public profile. There is no restriction on where you are allowed to set your location, and Tagmap may still be used even if you have no location set, although nearby users cannot be displayed.

Live chat

Tagmap's live chat service is powered by CometChat, a third party company. CometChat's privacy policy is available here and is implicitly accepted upon choosing to use live chat.

If you do not want to use the live chat service you may permaneantly disable it via your settings page (coming soon).

Who we are is owned by Tagmap LLC, a privately-owned LLC registered in the state of Delware. is currently hosted using Amazon AWS on servers located in the United States. For more complete and verbose information about what services Tagmap uses to operate, please see the section below titled 'Third party services we use'.

What we collect and receive

When you register with tagmap, either via the registration page or via adding a marker to a tagmap, your browser's IP address and useragent are collected and stored in order to prevent abuse. Other information that is provided by you during account creation or via your settings page is also stored alongside your account, such as your marker's location, profile information, settings, tags, etc.

Views of user profiles are stored so that we may provide users with information such as how many views their profile have received. Other user interactions with the website are also stored, such as when a user changes their settings, adds or removes a tag, and any similar action.

Additional information collected by our analytics

Matomo is used to analyse the behaviour of the website visitors to identify potential pitfalls; not found pages, search engine indexing issues, which contents are the most appreciated, and other useful aggregated information. Once the data is processed (number of visitors reaching a not found pages, viewing only one pageā€¦), Matomo generates reports for website owners to take action, for example by changing the layout of the pages, modifying content, etc.

The following personal data may be collected by Matomo:

  • IP address
  • Date and time
  • Title of the page being viewed
  • URL of the page being viewed
  • URL of the page that was viewed prior to the current page
  • Screen resolution
  • Time in local timezone
  • Files that were clicked and downloaded
  • Link clicks to an outside domain
  • Pages generation time
  • Country, region, city
  • Main Language of the browser
  • User Agent of the browser
The processing of this personal data is based on legitimate interests.

The legitimate interest

Processing your personal data such as cookies is helping us identify what is working and what is not on our website. For example, it helps us identify if the way we are communicating is engaging or not and how we can organize the structure of the website better. Our team is benefiting from the processing of your personal data, and they are directly acting on the website.

Without the data, we would not be able to provide you the service we are currently offering to you. Your data will be used only to improve the user experience on our website and help you find the information you are looking for.

Opt-out of website tracking

Although the tracking that we perform is minimal and your data is not sent to any third-parties, you may opt-out of the the analytics that we run below. If you clear your cookies you will need to opt-out again.

Your rights

You may request a copy of the data that we have pertaining to you and/or may request that our data pertaining to you is deleted. If you would like to delete your account, please use the feedback form, specifying your reason for account deletion. Ensure you are logged in before requesting this.

As offered above, you may also object to the basic tracking that we perform on you and may choose to opt-out of this tracking. If you think that our processing of data is infringing the law, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. If you wish us to not process any personal data with Matomo, you can opt-out from it at any time. There will be no consequences at all regarding the use of our website. Tagmap does not perform any automated user profiling based off of analyics at this time.

Third party services we use

Tagmap keeps third party service use to a minimum. For the sake of transparency, all third party interactions, services, and providers are listed below.

  • When you use our live chat service, your messages are processed by CometChat, a third party company. CometChat's privacy policy is available here.
  • When you view a map, the images that make up the map (tiles) are loaded from our tile provider, MapTiler.
  • When you select your location, an internal API call is made to OSM's Nominatim API to perform reverse location geocoding.
  • Tagmap's servers are hosted using Amazon AWS and are located in the United States.
  • Tagmap's user files such as avatars are hosted using Amazon S3.
  • Tagmap's email sending is processed by Amazon SES.
  • Tagmap's mail receiving is processed by Amazon Workmail.
  • Tagmap's DNS zone is hosted by Amazon Route53.
  • Tagmap's static javascript libraries are hosted by cdnjs.

Retention of data

Your data is kept until you delete your account with Tagmap or otherwise request that your data is deleted. For information about data retention by third parties such as CometChat, please read CometChat's privacy policy here. If you request that your Tagmap account or information is deleted, we able able to have all chat delete deleted as well.

Privacy policy changes

This policy may be updated in the future. A notice will be posted if this policy is updated in a notable way.

Contact us

Please leave feedback using the feedback form if you have any needs pertaining to this document.