Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tagmap?

Tagmap is a service to help people find others that are similar to them. It can help Internet users find people close to them that share the same interests as they do, help communities decide where to host meetups, or help for making online friends to socialize or play games with.

Read the about page for more information on Tagmap.

What is a tag?

A tag is a label that is applied to users on Tagmap, similar to how you might tag photos or posts. Users tag themselves with their communities and interests so that it is easy to find other users that share them. Typically a tag is a community name, noun, or adjective that describes a user.

Tagmap generates maps and user lists for every tag. If you want to appear on a specific map, you must tag yourself with its name.

Additionally, users that share tags with you will appear on your nearby and similar users pages, and the same for you on theirs.

For help on choosing good tags, read the tag formatting section.

How do I create a new map?

A tagmap is created for every tag users have, so you can either add a new tag to your profile, or use the below button.

Create a new tagmap »

How does Discord integration work? What information is shared?

Our login with Discord feature allows us to use your basic Discord information for Tagmap. This way you do not have to remember a separate password for Tagmap and can easily register.

When you login via Discord, Tagmap saves your Discord tag, email, avatar, and list of servers. Your discord tag and avatar can be seen by Tagmap users, but are hidden from search engines. Your email is not shown or shared with anyone. Your list of servers is private, except when a user that shares a server with you views your profile, in which case both users can see which server the other user is in.

Keep in mind you can always edit this information including your username and avatar, or set your profile to be hidden so that no other users can view you at all.

Does tagmap cost money?

All common features on Tagmap are free, including creating maps, markers, and talking to users.

Tagmap previously offered some special premium features to supporters via a subscription service called Tagmap Platinum for $9/month.

What if I don't want my location to be public?

It's understandable to be concerned about publicizing your location. Tagmap offers the following solutions to these concerns:

  • You may set your location anywhere in the general area you reside in, such as your town or city
  • In addition to this, locations are only shown as approximations to other users
  • You may also set your profile visibility to only allow your marker to be seen by a subset of users.

What does the profile visibility option do?

The profile visibility setting allows you to set who is able to view your profile.

There are four settings for profile visibility: public, restricted, location-restricted and hidden. The effects of these settings are explained in detail below.

public: Your profile, including the approximate location you set, is public and can be viewed by anyone. This is the default setting and should not be changed unless you want to hide your profile from others. Although only approximate locations are shared, you may still set your location a comfortable distance from where you actually live.

restricted: Only users that are logged in to Tagmap can view your profile and marker. You do not appear on maps or in search results to users that are not logged in. Your username may still appear in some locations.

location-restricted: Only users that are near you can view your profile and marker. Specifically, the user must be within the radius that you have set on your profile, which can be set to any value between 1 and 1,000 miles. In order for a user to view your profile or marker, they must be logged in and have a location set within your defined radius, or must be browsing from a location that is within the radius. Your username may still appear in some locations.

hidden: Your profile and marker are not viewable by any other users. You do not appear on searches or maps, although your username may still appear in some locations. This is useful if you want to browse the website with an account but still remain anonymous to others.

Your exact location set is never shown to another user, and your email address is never shared with another user unless you add it to your description or public contact list

Your profile visibility can be changed on your settings page.

What is the proper way to format tags?

Tags are how Tagmap makes maps of users and helps you find similar users. You should tag yourself with your communities and interests the same way you would tag an image or blog post. You will not appear on any maps if you have no tags.

Tags should generally be a simple community name, noun, or adjective.

Examples of good tags: programmer artist friendly chess club r/pics

Examples of bad tags: programs a lot makes music is friendly is a chess club member subscriber to r/pics

When in doubt, keep tag names short and prioritize using popular tag wordings over uncommon ones.

All tags are lowercase, between 1-100 characters long, and may only consist of letters, numbers, and any of the following symbols: . / ( ) @ !'

How do the nearby users and similar users pages work?

Nearby Users shows users that are closest to you geographically, but only if you have at least one tag in common with them.

Similar Users shows users that you have the largest amount of tags in common with. If multiple users are 'equally' similar to you, they are sorted based on how much information is filled out in their profiles. For example, users with an avatar, description, and verified email are shown before users that have none of these.

What is Profile Score and how does it work?

Profile Score is the system that Tagmap uses to encourage users to have quality profiles so that Tagmap is more useful for everyone. A profile score is a number between 0 and 100 that indicates how well your profile has been filled out.

Users with higher profile scores have priority in search results as most users would rather see interesting and detailed profiles instead of empty ones.

Increasing your profile score is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. For the maximum profile score of 100, a user must have a description that is at least 30 characters long, a verified email, an avatar, a location, and at least two tags.

What is Tagmap platinum?

As of 2021, Tagmap Platinum has been discontinued due to lack of user interest.

Tagmap platinum is a subscrpition service for Tagmap that allows you to unlock additional exclusive features and view cool information, including:

  • Customizable marker color: Stand out from other users by picking your own marker color! Choose from red, green, orange, yellow, violet, grey, or black
  • Animated gif avatar: Set an animated gif avatar and stand out everywhere you appear
  • User score boost: Appear first on lists of users and search results with an increased user score
  • Platinum Dashboard: View who has looked at your map marker and profile and see stats on how popular you are
  • Support Tagmap: Tagmap is a free service with no ads that does not sell any data and relies on your support to continue running

Tagmap platinum only costs $9/month and is a great way to support Tagmap development while unlocking cool new features.

How can I subscribe to Tagmap platinum?

As of 2021, Tagmap Platinum has been discontinued due to lack of user interest.

To subscribe to Tagmap platinum, please visit the subscription page. Thank you for supporting tagmap!

How can I cancel my Tagmap platinum subscription?

As of 2021, Tagmap Platinum has been discontinued due to lack of user interest.

To unsubscribe from Tagmap platinum, please send an email to [email protected] and your request will be quickly proccessed. Thank you for your support!

What types of activity are and are not allowed on Tagmap?

Tagmap is relatively purpose-agnostic in that it is suitable for diverse set of use-cases. With that said, there are some types of behavior and activities that are prohibited on Tagmap. For a list of prohibited activities, please read our terms.

A user is harassing or bothering me, what can I do?

If a user is bothering you with direct messages, please block the user by visiting your chat with them and clicking the red 'block user' button on the bottom right.

If a user is breaking Tagmap's terms, please log in and report the user by viewing their user profile and clicking 'report user' on the bottom right.

If a user has posted personal information about you ('doxxing') without your consent, please report the user or leave feedback to us and we will try our best to help.

How do I delete my Tagmap account?

Your Tagmap account may be permaneantly deleted by logging in and using the 'delete account' button at the bottom of your settings page. If you think you might like to return at a later date, you may hide your account from all other users by setting your profile visibility to hidden instead.

How can I contact Tagmap?

For various ways of contacting Tagmap, please use the contact page.

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