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Chubby, Geeky, Bisexual, 24 year old transgirl (2020) (boy parts, began hormones earlier this year, completely fine with my dick), kinda pass but voice isn't all that fem yet.

Mainly looking for friends and meetups locally. Maybe more if things go really well.
Brit, moving to Finland some time next year.

Big into video games and anime, history, 40k, and military stuff.
Sexualy I'm into alot, open minded and willing to experiment with new things, furry and big degenerate.
More of a sub/bottom though.
I'm mainly into girls/femininity, but I do like the odd masc guy.
But I mainly like dominant women of all sizes, cute feminine guys, and other trans girls.
No SJW types please.

Panzer Commander Kat#9999 (discord)
Xhamster (with pics, and a detailed kink chart, tho it's a bit out of date these days):
I always reply :)

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