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25 yr old cis female
5'11 (180cm)
35%bf 29bmi

Looking for:
- Autist bf
- preferably white
- preferably not addicted to any hard drugs. Weed is fine.
- preferably verbal

What I enjoy:
- reading philosophy (my favourite is existentialism)
- learning about niche communities (rad-fems, incels, MRA's, communists, the carnivores)
- debating on discord
- american politics

What's in it for me (you the reader)?
- I will buy you food
- we can outside to the park and have gelato
- physically affectionate (hand holding, head rubs)
- I have a drivers license and a car
- will listen to you info dump for at least 1 hour at a time (may interrupt to ask questions)

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