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26 years old, male, straight. Software engineer. Interested in the typical things. Autodidact of genetics and psychology. Weeb who dislikes anime. Feel free to contact me even if you're nowhere near Virginia or DC.

LastBlink#9324 on Discord if you're just a lurker.

If from SSC/LW: I've been regularly reading Scott's blog since 2018. Think like a rationalist though would consider myself rationalist adjacent rather than rationalist. Never attended a meetup.

If from /r9k/ or 4chan: I don't post on /r9k/ or 4chan any longer. I've since moved on to Twitter. I am not a normalfag though, or at the least, won't act like one. Have been using 4chan since 2008ish. Am comfortable with NEETs, failed normies, whoever.